A small website development team from Indonesia that focus on web standards by providing services such as designing usable website, slicing design in readable code and web application creation. All services are done in accordance with the standards of the framework.

Sevenova abbreviated of Seven November, which begin running this studio since 2003 with different client experience from Indonesia and international.

Gage Batubara

Web designer, front-end-developer who’s build a website development studio with the name Sevenova as a date of birth and the studio itself. Work remotely from Bogor – Indonesia while continuing his study at the University of Gajah Mada department of Computer Science.

By using the Nikon D90 7D and iPhone, he trying to see the universe from the view finder and sharing via Flickr and Instagram.

Feel free to contact me: gage(dot)batubara(at)gmail.com